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According to numerous studies, creativity is not some innate talent that only certain people are born with.  Creativity can be learned.  But that's not all.  Creativity learned in one area can translate to creativity in other aspects of a person's life.  That's pretty amazing. 

I see creativity blossom every time I lead a painting workshop.  Not only do our beginning and intermediate artists have fun and gain confidence, they discover a new-found creativity that they never knew existed. 

We take it slow and easy in our workshops limited to 3-5 adults.  We learn and practice painting techniques, and each new artist works on a new painting each week.  They see their skills soar from week to week!

If you would like to explore your own untapped creativity, join us for one of our watercolor painting workshops on Cape Cod.  And, while you're at it, treat a friend to a gift of creativity this Christmas.  Gift certificates available. 

Details about our Autumn 2017 Painting Workshops will be announced soon!  Contact Joe Gallant for more information.

Painting Demonstrations:

First Friday in July, Aug., Sept., October, 6-8pm at Mashpee Commons.  Oil painting demo by Joe Gallant in the walkway near Bobby Byrne's Pub.

July 11, 2017.  Oil painting demo by Joe Gallant, Cotuit Center for the Arts "Entertainment Tonight" event. 

774-313-0916      capecodwatercolors@verizon.net

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